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Has the thought of tracing your ancestral lineage been disturbing you? Or would you like to confirm your relationship with loved ones? I never knew how to get through the same until I read about online DNA testing. In this familytreedna review you will find all of the necessary information you need to trace your ancestry.

How Family Tree DNA Works


I came to know about FTDNA when going through various reviews on sites that provide DNA testing. From the recommendations I saw, there was no doubt FTDNA led the pack in the niche. FTDNA is a direct-to-consumer DNA testing company where much of the process is done online. To conduct a test, you first order a DNA kit online. The company requires you to create an account through which you can order upgrades or add-ons. It only took me five days to receive the sample collection kit. The instructions were clear on how to swab the cheeks, after which I mailed the sample back to the company.

According to familytreedna reviews, typical waiting time to get results is four to eight weeks. However, I received the notification to check my results online at the end of the third week. Tests mainly try to establish the amount and structure of chromosomes shared with the information on the company's database.

Benefits of choosing Family Tree DNA

  • Easy sample collection -- the company website shows that the swab kits are optimized for convenience thus eliminating the need for spitting. I found this to be true as the instructions included were easy to follow, requiring that I swab the inside of each cheek for 45 seconds.

  • DNA results are incorporated to family trees- with FTDNA, you not only get to know your ethnicity but also people whom you share similar DNA structures. With their Family Finder match, it is now possible to compare your DNA with that of ancient people. It was interesting how I could my ancestry to hundreds of years ago.
  • Internal labs for testing- unlike most other companies, FTDNA has its labs. A quick comparison of familytreedna reviews against other companies shows their genomics laboratory as being more advanced. At FTDNA , rest assured that your data is not being shared with third parties as with other companies.
  • Advanced DNA testing -- FTDNA prides itself of a comprehensive database of DNA from which they identify matches. It is only from such a vast data of comparisons that you can your ancestry can be traced deeply. I also found out many more options that I may utilize in the near future.

Information on the tests


Family Tree DNA performs three different DNA tests, each with its own capabilities. The autosomal test is the most basic where all other DNAs apart from Y-DNA and mitochondrial DNA are analyzed. This test can be useful if you are specifically seeking to establish your maternal or paternal heritage.

Family Finder is FTDNA's autosomal test that helps you find your living DNA matches across the globe. Through Family Finder, DNA traits from parents, the four grandparents, and so forth can be established. This is the best test to undertake if interested in tracing ancestral lines up to the fifth generation. I also used this test to get a breakdown of my ethnic compositions in percentages.

On the other hand, Y-DNA is a chromosome that passes almost unchanged from father to son. Familytreedna reviews show that the company is a leader in utilizing this property to trace paternal ancestral lines. In the Y-DNA test, special sections of the DNA area analyzed to determine user halogroup and hence a person's origin. Additionally, this test can tell the locations of ancestries at different times.

You can as well trace your maternal ancestry through the mitochondrial DNA, or mtDNA. Body cells rely on mitochondria to get their energy, and these are passed from mother to child unchanged. mtDNA tests are useful when you want to trace your mother, grandmother, and so forth along the line. Unlike in the other tests, mtDNA test identifies differences in the DNA. These come about as small errors introduced during DNA copying. Mitochondrial DNA testing has specifically been useful in verifying relationships after an initial genealogical search.

For the Y-DNA test, you can undertake a test for 37, 67, or 111 markers. The higher numbers increases the number of possible matches although the 37-count is sufficient to give you an overall overview of your ancestry. On the other hand, the basic mtDNA test accounts for only 10 percent of the mitochondrial DNA. The good thing is that higher percentages can be chosen without the need to provide another sample.

How to understand the results


Once the tests were done, I received a notification to access the results through my FTDNA accounts. Information is organized in different categories that are easy to understand.

Users can click on myOrigins for a detailed breakdown of where their ancestors lived and their ethnicity. While the exact location may not be provided, the location clusters given are a great way of establishing your roots. ancientOrigins is the category that describes ancestral migration routes. This section also details the amount of autosomal chromosomes shared with ancient Europeans.

I also explored the segments of my DNA that match with people of interest, all available under the Chromosome Browser. Finally, I also used the Family Matching tool to trace matches along maternal or paternal lines. With Family Finder, you can sort lists to get the most recent matches and identify any relatives who use the service. However, you can opt out of the matching service so your details cannot be availed to others.

Privacy and security with your DNA sample


Apart from their expertise in the field, the assurance of my personal information staying secure contributed to my choosing Family Tree DNA. The company has its testing labs, meaning that third parties do not get anywhere in the process. The only exception to information sharing is in the case of legal processes, which is understandable.

Shipping & Handling


One of the things I liked about FTDNA is their convenience with which they handle requests. For domestic services, the company delivers through DHL although you can change to the method of your convenience. Given that I was not in a hurry to know the results, I chose their DHL option and paid the required $12.95 as handling charges. Within four days, I received the package and the process was rolling. The company values client satisfaction as they kept updating me on the order progress before and after the kit was shipped back to them.

Final Thoughts


Family Tree DNA is the company of choice for deep ancestry tracing. Consider the company if you need to trace your paternal or maternal roots down to hundreds of generations. The satisfaction you will get cannot be matched at any other site.

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