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ConnectMyDNA is a US-based company. This company deals in DNA testing services that are easy, simple, and budget-friendly. The company believes in the notion that every person has the right to access information contained in their DNA. Therefore, their tests are designed to generate unique DNA signatures that allow the users an opportunity to explore their genes.

I have tried and tested their DNA testing service, and I can say that I am impressed. So if you want to know more about this leading DNA testing services provider, go on ahead and read this in-depth ConnectMyDNA review. I will cover some important aspects of the company such as their testing capabilities, modus operandi, and overall accuracy and reliability.

How it Works


The direct-to-customer model is what ConnectMyDNA uses to carry out their services. This model involves:

Placing an order

The company offers a variety of DNA testing options. Once you have chosen a specific option, you can place an order on the company's official website. When selecting the testing option, you will also have to set your primary and secondary geographic region. The regions will help in finding any relatives you have within those locations. After doing so, you will be asked to provide your billing data. Look around to see if there are any promo codes or coupons you can use before filling in your payment information.

Sample collection

The company will send you a personal testing kit. You should receive it within 3-7 business days at your address. Even though the company is committed to delivering the kit on time, you might have to wait for a longer period before receiving it during the holidays. The kit contains cotton swabs that you are supposed to use to collect your DNA sample. The kit is supplied with an instruction manual that if used, you will be able to complete the whole process in just a couple of minutes.

Sending the sample back

Once you are done with collecting the sample and have repackaged it securely in the provided envelope, you can send it back to the processing lab with prepaid postage. All the costs involved were covered in the price of the test. Therefore, you won't have to pay any extra cash for postage.

Inspecting the results

It will take 3 or 4 weeks after sending your DNA sample back to ConnectMyDNA's lab for your final report to be generated. From that point on, you can log into the MEMBERS area on the company's official website at any time to inspect the results.

Why Choose their Services?


The approach to ancestry exploration implemented by ConnectMyDNA is a rather unique and controversial one. Ones they have tested your sample, they then compare it using modern demographics to every country within the primary and secondary region you selected, therefore, finding the best country matches.

Other exciting features offered by their services include:

  • ABI genetic analyzers
  • State-of-the-art processing technology
  • Established screen protocols
  • Simple testing procedures
  • Testing facilities that are AABB-accredited and ISO-certified
  • Biomek robotic systems for sample handling
  • Private and secure laboratories
  • Accurate and reliable results
  • Coupons and promo codes
  • Highly trained team of scientists and consultants
  • Budget-friendly pricing policy
  • Vast database of genetic profiles



There are some few facts I have to point out before I get into the specific testing options offered by this company. I will do this to avoid any confusion that might occur. First of all, this company does not provide ancestry DNA testing as one of its services. What it does is that it compares your sample with those that already exist in its database representing the structure of the modern world's population. Let me just state it like this; the results will indicate the people who you share the most genetic similarities.

The Gene Ring is the most crucial part of your final report. This is a revolutionary concept in gene analysis technology. This technology combines modern art with cutting-edge science. The feature is a very accurate scientific tool that assists in comparing and visualizing personal DNA profile to friends, families, and population groups all over the world. Apart from that, it also provides you with symbolization of your DNA makeup that is easy to understand. The tool visualizes the DNA results using 13 different rings that are spaced in a circular pattern. These rings represent the thirteen CODIS loci. The loci is an FBI defined standard for identifying markers. Every locus has 2 allele values that parents pass down to their children. The color and where the markers are positioned represent your personal DNA profile's numeric value. In other words, the sole purpose of ConnectMyDNA is to discover the connections and similarities between different Gene Rings.

Privacy and Security

The information that ConnectMyDNA will ask you give will only be used to contact you. These include your name, email address, phone number, and other private information associated with your order. Different types of non-personal information that the company might collect from you are your geographic location, your computer's operating system, Internet browser and type, screen resolution, computer type, and cookies-gathered information for record-keeping purposes. ConnectMyDNA will never use or disclose your private information for anything other than to contact you.

The Company's Rating

After trying out the company's services myself, I can now rate the company as follows:

Privacy and security: 4/5

Value of DNA tests: 4/5

Test processing time: 4/5

Overall experience: 4/5

Overall Rating: 9/10

ConnectMyDNA Discount

Use coupon code "DNATestPolice20" for 20% off your final purchase price.

Final Verdict


My ratings speak volumes about my final verdict on ConncetMyDNA. I would, therefore, highly recommend its services to anyone who wants their DNA tested.

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